Keynote, lecture, course, workshop or something else?

I have been lecturing and giving keynotes for 25 years. I mainly talk about logistics, transportation, digitalization, new technology, trends, AI and sustainability.
I also have extensive teaching experience and I am often hired as a guest lecturer at various universities globally. 

I also have a professional studio to be able to give solid online presentations as well as participating in panels, podcasts etc. I can also do high quality pre-recordings on request. 

Below you find the most common keynotes, lectures, sessions and courses. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, please contact me and we can tailor something that fits your needs. 

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Most popular – Technology trends in SCM, logistics and transportation

Observations cover
What’s going on?

Technology is moving very fast, at an exponential rate even. How prepared are you and your organization in facing the massive changes that are happening? 

This keynote, lecture or workshop is designed to help you understand more and to give you the tools needed to keep understanding when new things emerge.

My most popular talk, often used on kick-off events, user/customer conferences or as keynote at a trade conference. Can be adapted to fit slots of 20-90 minutes depending on demand. 

Technology is exponential

I help you explore the cross sections between tech areas, make sense of where the most impressive stuff happens and provide you with the tools to continue to make sense of all that is going on.  

I work with management teams and boards in a workshop format
Together we spend half a day (or more) exploring the latest developments, making sense of what is important and not, how to navigate and how to keep ahead in the future. 
The day starts with a lecture, then we do a tailored workshop where we do a systematic exercise trying to predict the effects of new technology, both from a micro and a macro perspective. 
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Understanding electrification

It is not that simple…

Electrification is not a new fuel, it is a force of disruptive change that will transform the transport industry.  

This keynote/lecture/workshop is about shaking things up, making sure that the audience begins to understand that electrification is something very, very different than what they are used to.

Stagnating industry

The truck disrupted horses 100 years ago. It is now time for the next disruption. In an industry where the current paradigm and norm is the diesel engine, electric seems very alien. How can we think when all the commodities we take for granted are suddenly unavailable?

Embracing complexity

We need to start using software, AI, computing power to handle and manage the vast increase in complexity that electrification entails. 

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Digitalization in SCM, logistics and transportation

The current industry is computerized

The transportation industry is basically a giant spreadsheet. How can we transition to a “digital first” mindset when we are used to doing things like we have for decades (nowadays with computers, but the same things)?

This keynote/lecture/workshop takes on the digital development and explores the potential.  


It’s all about the perspective

The current way of doing things is centered around an analogue base model. We need to shift our perspective to a more digital approach in order to fully understand and manage the complex systems that we have.

Unlearning needed

Some change is best done in increments, and some needs a more radical approach. To digitalize a supply chain requires more of the latter.

Things need to be learned, but more importantly to be unlearned. 

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Believe the hype?

AI is on everyone’s mind these days. What does it mean for SCM, logistics and/or transportation? In this lecture/workshop we try to straighten a few of the question marks. 


What is AI and how can we use it?

We look into the basic elements and components, without being too technical, and make some sense of the state of development, the speed and trajectory of what comes next and beyond. Why should you build a co-pilot? What IS a co-pilot?! What will the humans do now? These questions and more will be addressed.  


Educate your staff

You can only teach people so much about a topic like AI. It needs to be experienced. This session is typically a full day where lectures, workshops and break-outs all aim at demystifying AI, empower individuals to start using some of the tools, to inspire further growth and to generate productive ideas to take further. 

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Do you know where your coffee cup comes from?

By explaining a seemingly simple object like a cup of coffee, the complexity and intricacy of a supply chain is demonstrated. 

I have taught logistics and related subjects on multiple levels (from PhD down to high school) since 1995. This complex and diverse topic can be explained in simple and easy to grasp ways, giving the entire audience a view into this fascinating world.


Logistics is everywhere

From hotel breakfast buffés to international shipping networks. Logistics can be found everywhere. Often displaying the same underlying principles, the same structures and using the same methods of control and sensemaking. 

This “mini course” will give you the basic concepts and will empower you to learn more on your own afterwards.


logistics concepts
Educate your staff

Why not treat your staff to a crash course in logistics? Maybe we can play the Beer Supply Chain simulation game or do an interactive workshop/group session. Please contact me, we will tailor a program specifically for your needs. 

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100 trucks
Why do we not share data?

“Everyone” know it to be true. We need to share data in supply chains and transportation system. Everyone would benefit. But why does it not happen then? 

This lecture/workshop is designed to dive deeper into data sharing, the methods, the purpose and more.


What does the research say?

We look at theories, experiences, successes and failures. What does it take to share data? How should/could it be done? Who should be involved?

There are many, many opinions and models out there. We try to make sense of them.

share data

This topic is best suited for a half-day workshop. A lecture is followed by breakouts and then a debriefing/reflection session. A follow up can be done after a period of maybe a few weeks. 

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