Nice to meet you!

I’m Per Olof. I have an (unhealthy according to some…) interest in everything about logistics, transportation, Supply chain management, digitalization, electrification, sustainability, tech, strategy, podcasting, pizza making, Tarantino movies and other important stuff.

I am an independent advisor, speaker, board member and visionary explainer with a background in both academia and industry spanning 35 years.

I think I have a knack for explaining complex things, for complicating seemingly simple things, for seeing the big picture when everyone else are drowning in details, for getting things done and also for enabling and supporting creative development.

Broad and deep

During my career I have been fortunate to be able to not only go deep into subjects but also to go wide, spending time in many domains.

Mechanical Engineer, MSc

I am an engineer at heart, schooled to treat problems in a structured and scientific fashion. Technology can be used to adress many challenges we face as a society today.

Logistics, PhD

The digital development in logistics and transportation has been a quest since the late 1980s. Research combined with industry experience has given me a unique and diverse background in the field.

Established speaker

Professional keynote speaker with 100+ appearances since 2008. Combining visionary insight, knowledge, humor and pedagogical skill to explain complex things in an entertaining manner.

Certified board member

Board work ranging from small startups to non-profits and a large foundation. Certified by the Board Academy.

Professional teacher

30 years experience teaching BSc, MSc, PhD levels. Also experience from managing higher education systems. Early adopter and curious explorer in EdTech.

Veteran podcaster

Founder and host of Sweden’s oldest and largest podcast on Logistics (founded 2014). 300000+ downloads and more than 350 episodes published.

Digitalization expert

Deep and long experience in the digital transformation of the transportation industry. With the perspective of a former developer, researcher and practitioner I have a both deep and broad knowledge.

Electrification pioneer

Three years as a strategist in the absolute forefront of heavy freight electrification. The future electric transportation system is very, very different from what we are used to.

Strategist and advisor

Advisor to Swedish Government, the EU Commission and several companies. Strategic development in both industry, start ups/scale ups and academia.